This is a collection of sometimes random thoughts from a midwestern guy who’s stuck on the west coast. Lately what I’ve found to talk about is local city politics, so if you don’t live in Sunnyvale you might find the contents of this blog somewhat … uninteresting.

Okay, you might think that even if you do live in Sunnyvale.

My main goal with this blog is to publish content that informs Sunnyvale city residents about city issues that will directly effect them. Partly this is based on the ideal that a more informed population makes better choices when it comes time to vote. I also think that a more informed population can do a better job of guiding our elected representatives towards better decisions — they’ve certainly made some seriously questionable ones lately. I think part of that is because the residents have been missing from some of these decision making processes.

But beyond that, this blog is my excuse to get out of my house and explore the city. I’m a 100% full time telecommuter, so leaving my house is something that I’m always looking to do. Blogging about Sunnyvale is a cheap hobby that costs me about $20/mo in hosting fees, and some time. Cheaper than sitting on the web looking for more toys to buy, anyway. It’s also more productive than TV or a PlayStation 4.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I post here, and even find it informative. If you do, drop me a line and let me know! This blog can get controversial (it is about politics, after all), which means that you might find yourself disagreeing with me. You might even get mad at me. If you do, drop me a line and let me know! I enjoy a good argument, because that’s the best way to learn new things.

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  1. Steve
    As your cousin I might say we travel the same path. The midwest blood is in our veins. Chilson, McKean,and even Smith all met in the midwest. But here in the far west I got the better of the locations in Sierra Nevada Mts. Look for email on updates. Just got new email address. gb Gloria

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